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Simply put, we make taking trips easy.

For hardworking Black women, a little R&R can be tough to come by. And that’s why we host breathtaking travel moments throughout the year so you can reclaim your time and live your best life, without all the heavy lifting.

See, the best way we know to help you experience and celebrate life is through the power of travel.

So, whether you’re joining us on a hosted trip or getting us to curate a bespoke experience for you and your crew, we’ll create the space for you to explore the world, connect with other travel lovers and celebrate your unique journey.

You just pick the time and place.

About Us

Here’s How We Make the Magic Happen​

Curated Experiences

We craft custom itineraries to give you the perfect blend of fun, adventure and relaxation on every trip. Whether you’re a foodie who loves to try new cuisines, an adrenaline junkie who wants to jet ski or a princess ready to sit poolside, each Phenomenal Moments Travel trip has something for you.

Expert Guidance

On each and every journey, we’ll be by your side before, during and after. We scour each destination for the best hotels, guides and more so you don’t have to lift a finger on your vacation. Plus, your Phenomenal Moments Travel Concierge will be on hand at every turn to make sure your needs are met.


When you’re with us, you’re family. Just because you’re traveling solo doesn’t mean you have to feel alone! You’ll meet like-minded women who become life-long friends because of the travel memories you’ll make together.

I’ve always been that friend you call when you just want to get away from it all and grab a passport stamp while you’re at it.

But I noticed lots of my homegirls didn’t have the same opportunities I did to let their hair down, take a break and see the world. That’s when I decided to launch Phenomenal Moments Travel and make it my job – and my mission – to help Black women see the world 1 country at a time.

At Phenomenal Moments Travel, we take the stress and overwhelm out of planning a trip because let’s face it: you have enough of that in your life.

When you join us for a hosted or custom group experience, we’ll cover flight and hotel bookings, safe transportation and itinerary mapping to ensure you get the R&R drenched in fun and exciting times you want and deserve.

Heck, the only thing we don’t do is pack your bags!

So, when you’re ready to travel in a phenomenal new way, hit us up and let’s go!

Meet Letitia, Founder & CEO

Certifications and Affiliations​

Group travel just got an upgrade!

Join us for an all-details-covered trip and experience the
Phenomenal Moments Travel difference for yourself.

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